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How to use this RJ-45 audio, video, power balun in a security camera system installation?

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Welcome to Chavi International

Chavi international is a direct supplier of UTP Video Transceiver (Video Balun).

CCTV Video Baluns allow traditional coax cable to be replaced by cat- 5 and other forms of twisted pair wire in CCTV Video Surveillance installations so that installers can use more cost effective structured cabling techniques to wire security cameras. By using Video Baluns, UTP wire such as cat-5 can be run over longer distances easier than coax cable and for less money. Active Balun Transceivers enable UTP wires for CCTV Camera to be run distances up to 1.5 KM. We provide the best Active Balun, Passive Balun and Ground Isolator across the world. Chavi International is world’s leading distributor of Surge Protector such as Video Surge Protector, Network Surge Protector and Power Surge Protector.

Our vision is to provide new generation technologies for various CCTV Surveillance Systems.

Core Capabilities:

Our proven skills help us to develop and deliver effective and innovative products and solutions:
• Specialized research and design in connectivity
• Established relationships with certified distributors and distribution networks
• Expert technical support
• Personalized service and sales support
Video Balun

UTP Transmission Technology:

• A UTP [Balanced/ Unbalanced] is a technological device that harmonizes
cable types including Coax and Unshielded Twisted Pair {UTP}.
• A minimizes signal loss while optimizing signal quality.
• Transmissions have proven applications in the
CCTV Security, Home Multimedia and Audio/ Video Distribution markets
[Corporate, Educational, Airport, Hotel, Casino, etc.]

Video Balun

Key Benefits :

• Easier, faster installation ot low cost UTP cable
• Use of same cable to run power and control signals
• User-friendly, trouble free engineering designs
• Tool-less product installation
• Built-in surge suppression protection
• Outstanding interference rejection protection.
• High quality image.


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